Spit Braai Hire

Planning a party or function? What about a Spit Braai?

South Africans are renowned for their braais. You can use a spit braai to cook a variety of different dishes:

Traditional Spit Braai:

Lamb on the spit
Pork on the spit
Whole chicken on the spit


Beef Roast
Lamb Leg
Pork Leg

Mini Basket:

Pork neck
Leg of Lamb

Purchase your meat and vegetables from Tony’s Meat Market when you hire your spit braai. We have a large variety of fresh cut meat and vegetables to choose from. Suckling pigs can be ordered, allow at least 14 days for delivery as they must be ordered directly from the farmer.
We also offer a variety of salads and pre-cooked dishes: potato salad, noodle salad, three bean salad, carrot salad, beetroot salad, garden salad, greek salad, pre-cooked potatoes and don’t forget our Portuguese rolls, garlic loafs etc.


Heat Tips

Whether using charcoal or gas, the secret is in perfecting the roasting temperature. You want a low heat, meaning you can hold your hand where the roast will be sitting for the count of three and no less.

You’ll want it a little cooler if you keep the lid down the whole time. Keep the temperature low, unless you’re planning to get the surface of the meat seared, forming a delectable crust. If so, start out on a high temperature for about 15 minutes and then reduce it. If you’re using charcoal, bank the coals close to the meat for about 15 minutes then pull them back, away from the roast.

Core temperature for Lamb – 68 degrees Celsius

Core temperature for Pork – 68 degrees Celsius (this is very important!)

Core temperature for Beef – from 60 to 68 degrees Celsius (you don’t want your beef to dry)

Dip Tray & Vegetables

Our gas braais have a drip tray located directly under the meat and this does not have to be moved.

Our charcoal braais have the coals directly under the meat so you cannot put a drip tray.

You can put your veg (baby marrows, patty pans, baby gems, baby carrots) at the bottom of the braai which will cook in the dripping of the meat. 

You need to be careful not to add the veg to early as they could break up. 

We recommend that you add the veg approximately 1 hour into the meat braaing. 

It is always safer to precook baby potatoes as you don’t want to wait for the potatoes to be cooked and the meat is done.

Carving Tips

The trick is to take it in sections. You’ll need a large area to work with and several serving dishes or something very large to put the meat into. Start by cutting away the hind legs. The meat should be very tender and should come apart pretty easy. 

Next work down through the shoulders and separate out the forearm sections. From here you can start carving up the individual sections. It helps if there are two people carving, but either way, take your time and you won’t have any problems.

Meat Seasoning

Our meat for our spit braais is seasoned as follows:

Lamb – we inject the meat with a special marinade.

Pork – we pickle in a special brine.

Beef – we use a wine based marinade.

Chicken – we offer the following options: lemon and herb, lemon and garlic and peri-peri.

Trouble Shooting

If you are experiencing difficulties with our braais please try the following:

Gas braai burners keep going off 
– Check if there is enough gas in the bottle
– Check if the wind is not affecting the burners
Motor is not working
– Check the power supply to the spit
– Check that the spit is switched on
– Check that the extension cord is working
If you are still experiencing problems please contact us immediately so that we can exchange the braai.

Hire Rates

Choose your braai from the following 2 options: charcoal braai or gas braai.

Charcoal braai – R250.00 per day
Gas braai – R400.00 per day

Our braais are so easy to use!

Our gas braais have baskets so all you need to do is place the roast in the basket and then start braaing.

If you hire our charcoal braai we will secure the meat on the shaft for you. All you need to do is plug it in.

Contact Tony’s Meat Market for all your Spit Braai requirements today.

Hire Terms & Conditions

Please take note of the following:

Our store is located in Greenhills, Randfontein, Gauteng.

  1. A R200 deposit is required when booking the braai.

  2. We will refund your R200 deposit if the braai is returned clean.

  3. Braai is only rented to customers purchasing meat for the spit.

  4. Charcoal and gas is not included. Charcoal can be purchased from Tony’s Meat Market.

  5. Clients are to collect and return the spit braai to our store. Tony’s Meat Market in Randfontein.

Spit braai’s are rented out on a daily basis, should you require it for a longer period of time, we are happy to extend the rental period subject to the purchase of additional meat for the following day (this is to ensure that the correct weight of meat is used in the spit braai).

Spit Braai Hire Form

Please complete the form below and we will get back to you:


Please take note of the following:

The spit braai has to be collected and returned to our store. We do not deliver or collect.

Our store is located at 35 Convent Road, Greenhills, Randfontein, Gauteng.